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General Resources

Reno v. ACLU -- The landmark Supreme Court decision on Internet free speech

The White House "Strategy for a Family Friendly Internet"

EPIC's Report -- "Faulty Filters: How Content Filters Block Access to Kid-Friendly Information on the Internet"

ACLU White Paper -- "Censorship In a Box: Why Blocking Software is Wrong for Public Libraries" and the press release announcing the report

The Internet Filter Assessment Project (A librarian-led project managed by librarian and author Karen G. Schneider. The purpose of the project was to take a hard look at Internet content filters from a librarian's point of view.)

"Access Denied: The Impact of Internet Filtering Software on the Lesbian and Gay Community" (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation report)

SafeSurf's "Proposal for a Safe Internet Without Censorship" (a scheme for imposing criminal penalties for "mislabeling" websites)

Internet Family Empowerment White Paper (Center for Democracy and Technology -- "those seeking to supervise their children's Internet access must have easy access to effective blocking and filtering technology")

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's "Filtering FAQ"

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) page on PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection)

PICS, Censorship, & Intellectual Freedom FAQ (by Paul Resnick of W3C)

"Blocking Content on the Internet: a Technical Perspective" (Paper prepared for the Australian government; June 1998)

Information about Labeling and Rating Systems ( MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression)

The Censorware Project (seeks "to bring to light information about censorware products which is, by their nature, hidden")

"What censorware really blocks (history, LONG)" (from the Fight-Censorship list)

Campaign for Internet Freedom (British anti-PICS site)

The Net Labeling Delusion (Australian anti-PICS site)

"Screening Test" (Washington Post review of several screening and filtering programs)

Position Statements

The American Library Association's statement on the use of filtering and blocking software and resolution opposing the use of such systems in libraries

ACLU statement on "voluntary" Internet censorship (7/16/97)

ACLU letter to Kern County, California concerning installation of filtering software in public libraries (1/21/98)

ACLU White Paper -- "Fahrenheit 451.2: Is Cyberspace Burning? -- How Rating and Blocking Proposals May Torch Free Speech on the Internet "

CPSR statement -- " Computer Professionals Question Internet Filtering Agreement" (7/18/97)

EFF Discussion Draft -- "Public Interest Principles for Online Filtration, Ratings and Labelling Systems" (2/28/97)

News and Commentary

"Mattel Can Go After Mirrors" -- Wired News (3/28/00)

"Cyber Patrol Hacker Sells Out for One Dollar" -- CNN News (3/28/00)

"Cyber Patrol Decoding Brawl Gets Ugly and International" -- CNN News (3/21/00)

"Judge Hhelps Mattel Zap Effort to Undermine Filter" -- USA Today (3/20/00)

"CyberPatrol Hackers Lose Round" -- Wired News (3/17/00)

"Porn Software Injunction Issued" -- New York Times (3/17/00)

"Mattel Sues Victoria Man for Cracking Screening Software" -- National Post (3/17/00)

"Hackers Crack Online Porn Filters" -- NEWS.COM (3/16/00)

"Nannies' Nasties Web Filter Leaves Residue of Outrage" -- Sydney Morning Herald (3/10/00)

"Censorware Exposed Again" -- Wired News (3/9/00)

"What's in a Name? Beaver College Considers a Change: Crude Jokes - and the Fear of Losing Students - Have School Officials Worried" -- The Philadelphia Inquirer (3/1/00)

"Voters Defeat Measure on Filters at Library" -- New York Times (2/24/00)

"Filters Rejected: Proposal to Screen Library Terminals Fails 55% to 45%" -- Holland Sentinel (2/23/00)

"Internet Filters Families for Internet Access" -- Holland Sentinel (2/16/00)

"The Filter Fight: Proposal is Bad Law" -- Holland Sentinel (2/13/00)

"Pro-Filter Factions Win Money Battle" -- Holland Sentinel (2/12/00)

"Lawmakers Target Kids' Access to Porn at Libraries" -- Detroit News (2/10/00)

"Libraries Needn't Worry about Filtering Internet" -- The State (2/3/00)

"When Net Nanny Gets into the Sherry" -- National Post (1/28/00)

"China Issues Rules to Limit E-Mail and Web Content" -- New York Times (1/27/00)

"South Carolina Legislation Would Make Libraries Liable for Online Smut Access" -- Nando Times (1/27/00)

"Flurry of Anti-Net Porn Proposals Floated" -- Newsbytes (1/26/00)

"Campus Porn Imperiled" -- Wired News (1/26/00)

"Holland Library Officials Say They'll Close before Putting on Internet Filters" -- Detroit News (12/16/99)

"How Small-Town Standards Can Block a Big City Class" -- New York Times (12/15/99)

"Judges Question Government's Role In Protecting Children on Internet" -- The Legal Intelligencer (11/5/99)

"Judges Raise Questions About Federal Anti-Pornography Law" -- New York Times (11/5/99)

"AOL Slates Gay Meeting by Lakshmi Chaudhry" -- Wired News (11/2/99)

"Keeping 'Net Capital' Free" -- Wired News (10/6/99)

"Internet Rating System Plans to Globalize" -- New York Times (9/25/99)

"Net Speech Gets Days in Court" -- NEWS.COM (9/21/99)

"Sex Sites and Self-Regulation" -- Wired News (8/10/98)

"Schools and Libraries Wary of Filtering-for-Funds Legislation" -- New York Times (7/28/98)

"Committee Adds Internet Filtering Amendment to Budget Bill" -- New York Times (6/26/98)

"Filter Used by Courts Blocks Innocuous Sites" -- New York Times (6/23/98)

"Netscape to Support Web Ratings" -- NEWS.COM (6/15/98)

"Family Sues Library for Not Restricting Children's Internet Access" -- New York Times (6/14/98)

"Christian Group Feels Net Filter's Wrath" -- New York Times (6/11/98)

"Antigay Group Blocked by Filter" -- NEWS.COM (6/3/98)

"Student's Search for Religion Leads to Curb on 'Controversial' Sites" -- New York Times (6/3/98)

"The Merchants of Anxiety" -- WIRED News (5/27/98) (describes the "Prudence" product, which "allows parents to keep an eye on their children's online activities").

"Software to Filter Workers' Access" -- NEWS.COM (5/4/98)

"Children's First Amendment Rights Lost in the Filtering Debate" -- New York Times (3/6/98)

"Virginia Library Lawsuit Seen As Litmus Test for Internet Freedom" -- New York Times (3/2/98)

"Plan Linking Internet Subsidy to Filters Finds Critics" -- New York Times (1/24/98)

"Rules for Filtering Web Content Cause Dispute" -- New York Times (1/19/98)

"Filtering Out the Truth" (by ACLU President Nadine Strossen)

"Nation Trending Toward Do-it-Yourself Censorship" (by Tony Mauro, The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center)

"X-Rated Ratings?" (by J.D. Lasica, American Journalism Review)

"Parental Discretion Advised" (from Scientific American)

"Keys to the Kingdom" (by Brock Meeks & Declan McCullagh)

"Rating the Net" (law review article by Jonathan Weinberg, to be published in the Hastings Communications & Entertainment Law Journal)

"News Sites Worry About Filtering" (from NEWS.COM)

"Ratings Today, Censorship Tomorrow" -- critical, in-depth examination of Internet rating (from Salon Magazine)

"The Trouble with PICS" (from FEED Magazine)

"Push for a Content-Rating System Becomes an International Affair" (from New York Times CyberTimes)

"The V-Chip: Coming Up Short or Unconstitutional Overreaching?" (by Kevin W. Saunders) -- the related issue of "filtering" television content


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